Humanist Movement

The Humanist Movement organizes activities that oppose injustice, exploitation, and discrimination (physical, psychological, economical, racial, sexual and religious) and against the violence that has been imposed on society by an oppressive minority. The power of the world-wide banks and multinational corporations is growing, while the conditions of life for the overwhelming majority are deteriorating.

A real help, an effective solidarity means allowing people to get back their own trust and faith in themselves, to stand up again and promote development plans which are really worthwhile for themselves and not for the international capital or a few local people’s interests.

Peter RajWe believe in human beings. We believe in their capacity for personal change and in their ability to transform the situation they live in. Each person, each country, all races or cultures can contribute in some way to the world of the future. Humanists believe that each person counts.  For us, discrimination and violence are repulsive.

Asian ForumThe humanist movement is the practical expression of the ideal of humanizing the earth, which means to overcome pain and suffering in every facet of human life in both the social and personal realms. It’s the aspiration of heading towards a universal human nation, giving equal rights and identical opportunities to all human beings because of the dignity that they deserve, because of the simple fact of their having been born.

What is in the Humanist Movement?
People from many different countries, cultures, beliefs, and professions who are organizing themselves, gaining strength, and growing in number in order to take an active and constructive role in orienting the great changes that are coming to our world.

How did the Humanist Movement originate?
The Humanist Movement was born in Argentina at the end of the 60s thanks to a study group that met to study the ideas of an author known as Silo. Since then, the Humanist Movement has spread to more than 120 countries throughout the 5 continents.

Where and how do people meet to participate in this project?
Participants meet in weekly meetings, which take place in neighbourhood (estate) centres or members’ apartments or homes.  This weekly meeting is of fundamental importance so that there can be a direct, human interchange, and so that specific tasks or activities can be planned according to the possibilities of each person and group. Those who participate are usually the relatives, co-workers, neighbours, and friends of the members, that’s their immediate human environment.

The Humanist Movement supports the work of humanitarian organizations and groups of volunteers who help to alleviate some specific instances of social suffering; however, its goal is not limited to correcting these specific disasters generated by the present system of power.  Instead, the objective of the Humanist Movement is to transform the system we live in, to humanize it. Click this link to see some pictures of Humanist Forum in Chennai.

How are our activities financed?
Every activity of the Humanist Movement is entirely financed through a contribution paid every 6 months. In order to remain independent, the HM doesn’t accept grants or other funds and relies entirely on dues from its members for all its activities world-wide.  This independence would be compromised were it to accept contributions from institutions, companies, etc. with different goals.

We invite everyone to participate with us in putting into practice the moral principle that says: “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

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