Where we are

We are based in Satankulam under Tuticorin District of Tamilnadu in India. The address of the Association is 1/81, Ave Maria Park, Pannamparai Junction, Satankulam, Tuticorin District, Tamilnadu – 628 704, India (Email address is sssavemaria@yahoo.com) Phone: + 91 4639 267616.

Though the association was started in Satankulam, Tamilnadu, the activities of this organization is existing in many places in India and also in other countries. We are linked with Humanist Movement international. Many humanists living around the world are very much interested to work for the oppressed and suppressed employees and children who are affected by the atrocities of the catholic schools.

Our aim is not to disturb the community. But we make the people understand their responsibilities in the society.

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  1. Murphy @ December 19th, 2016

    I appreciate your work

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