Problems in Tiruchy Diocese

Maladministration and misappropriation of funds are very normal in Tiruchirapalli Diocese. Also suppressing the inncent people by power and money are very common in the Tiruchirappalli Roman Catholic Diocese. Here are some documents. It seems that whoever asks questions are punished by the Tiruchirappalli Roman Catholic Diocese. It is a pity that jusrtice cannot be established in this diocese. The following documents show how Dr. Jesudoss and his like-minded people are trying to attain justice from the Diocese of Tiruchirapalli. Dr. Jesudoss cannot attain justice. But he is resoluted to attain justice. The government is reluctant to take action against the Bishops and priests. Because the Government believes that Catholic Christian Bishops and priests are angels. It does not know that only a few priests are practising real catholic principles. But they are put in the dust-bin of the Bishops. Government and other communities are respecting the catholic bishops and priests. But they do not deserve it. If the faithful are silent on seeing the illegalities and criminal activities of the clergies, there will be chaos in the Catholic communities. Because, as per the Christian Principles, keeping silence on seeing injustice is also a sin. Hence the faithful are entitled to find solutions to the problems. Here are some documents to show the problems. To read the documents please click the following link.

Efforts of Dr. Jesudoss

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