Certificate for Catholic Schools Administration

priests-dissatisfactionclean-copyThe school administration of The Tuticorin Diocesan Association got worse even years back. We are pleased to publish a memorandum prepared and signed by 14 priests at the vicariate level meeting held in Satankulam on 19.02.1998. Not the teachers, but the Rev. Fathers themselves were dissatisfied with the school administration of the Diocese of Tuticorin. When it was sent to the Bishop, he did not take any action against the priests. He did not use his ecclesiastical authority to punish them under canon law. Because the administration was worse by that time itself. Here you can see the signed copy. Since you cannot recognize the names of the priests by signature, we are publishing the clean copy also.

Important note 1:- We would like to bring to the kind notice of the public that Fr.Xavier Arul Raj signed this memorandum on 19.02.1998. But he took disciplinary action against a teacher stating that he had informed the Directorate about the illegalities of this management. The teacher confirmed the statement of this priest. The priest was not punished foe expressing his opinion through signed memorandum. But the teacher was punished in the same year with dismissal.

Important note 2:- Fr.Edward, who is the close friend of the present Bishop Yvon Ambroise, has also signed this memorandum. Even in 1998 he brought his dissatisfaction over the school administration to the notice of the center. In the period of Dr. Peter Fernando also he maintained the same opinion about the school administration. When he was promoted to the post of Vicar Forane for Satankulam the whole situation changed. He started praising Bishop Yvon Ambroise. We appreciate his character of showing gratitude by praises. He should have stopped at that level. But, during mass in Satankulam and in other meetings, he announced the public that AVE MARIA has been going against the diocese. Alas! he forgot that he had already affirmed our statements officially in the memorandum dated 19.02.1998. It is he who sent his dissatisfaction about the school administration to the Diocese first. But he is blaming AVE MARIA. Why he is always asking the Bishop to take action against AVE MARIA? Why this Bishop pays attention to the words of this priest? Why the Bishop has gone to the extent of saying amen to the words of this Priest. Why this priest plays important role even in the matter of taking actions against priests and the faithful? The Bishop is said to have been consulting him regularly before entering for the meetings. Why? Perhaps the Bishop and Fr.Edward may know the reasons behind these activities!!!

We have published the clear-cut document. Can the Bishop take action against these priests for going against the diocese. Of course, he cannot take action against the deceased!!! But most of them are alive!!!

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