Mr. Muniappan honoured by the District Collector

MuniappanMr. Muniappan is at present working as Superintendent in the office of the Chief Educational Officer in Tuticorin. He has been in this department for about 25 years. He started his career in Education department in Tamilnadu as Junior Assistant and now he is in this position. He is very friendly towards the teachers. He is expert in the education rules and he helps the teachers to get all facilities due to them. To honour his good services to the teachers the District Collector of Tuticorin issued Muniappan 1certificate of merit and praised him for his laudable work in the education department. Our association also praises him. If  all the employees are sincere in helping the community, many people will get benefits. We wish Mr. Muniappan good luck!!! May God Almighty bless him and his family to do more more and more services to the society.

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