Minorities cannot deviate from rules

Minority Managements think that they can play with the teachers as they wish. But they cannot. Please read this Government Order.

(Director of School Education Proceedings Pa. Mu. No. 246307/SE/G7/79. dt – 22.12.81)

G.O.Ms.No.2529, EDUCATION, 22.12.81


Edn – Secretary – Legislative Council Assurance No. 2652 – regarding provision of job security teachers terminated from minority schools – Stopping of aid to Minority Schools – Order – Issued.


From the Director of School Education Rc.No.246307/G7/79, dated 17.01.1981


The Director of School Education has reported in his letter read above that once the minorities get recognition and aid from the Government, they must conform to the rules framed by the Government since they get cent present grant for all their teachers from Government. He has further stated that Minority Educational Agencies cannot deviate from rules on the ground that they are minorities. The Director of School Education has therefore requested the Government to issue orders empowering the Director of School Education to stop the aid, if the minority educational agencies act in contravention of the said rules.

2. The Government have examined the above request of Director of School Education and direct the following Ruling may be issued.

“ If any of the minority Educational Agency acts in contravention of any rules in force the Director of School Education can stop grant of aid though they may continue to have recognition.”

(By Order of the Governor)



Commissioner and Secretary to Government

Another order from the Director of School Education instructs the subordinates to take action on the erring managements. Director of School Education 1

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