Proper information before taking action

Every one knows that the Tuticorin RC Schools Management is involving in many illegalities including tampering of records, cheating, misappropriation of funds, presenting fraudulant records to the department for getting approval, swindling money from the salary of poor teachers by their own way and so on. AVE MARIA made many representations before the government and the department, but in vain. There was no action. Hence one of the members of AVE MARIA sent a letter to the PRO of the diocese to inform him that petitions were going to be sent to various department to take action against the management for its malpractice and illegalities.  To read the letter please click the following link.

Letter sent to Fr. William Santhanam by a humanist member

To see the acknowledgement of the PRO please click the following link.

Acknowledement of Fr. William

The PRO simply sent a reply that he had forwarded the letter to the Superintendent of RC Schools. Further, he told in his letter that he had nothing to do with the school administration. To read the PRO’s letter please click the following link.

PRO – Fr. William Santhanam’s letter

Therefore our members started sending petitions to the department concerned requesting them to take appropriate action on the management. Here we have inserted the papers which already informed the management about the action that the members wanted to take.

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